Why don't we see Gladys Hardy?

We respect Nana G's privacy, but feel grateful that her spirit can be shared with the world. Gladys once said to Ellen, "I'm enjoyin' being a mystery for the first time in my life... and, honey, somehow we brought radio to television!"

Who is Gladys Hardy?

Our Nana Gladys is a firecracker and an icon in our family made famous by her hilarious phone calls with Ellen DeGeneres. Gladys is just so dang sweet, sassy, opinionated, but never mean spirited. For seven seasons Gladys and Ellen have chatted it up about relationship advice, movie reviews, answered fan mail, recipes (that included beer) and provided commentaries about television shows, and so much more. Ellen and Gladys never run out of things to talk about and Gladys was the house announcer for a month during season three.

Did you know Ellen has drawn Gladys?

We told Nana Gladys that some people want to know if she is real, and she said, "Honey, critics are critical and cynics are cynical. I am as real as the day is long!" The laughter and love that she has given to us all is real too! Chances are, that you have or had a Gladys-like character in your family as well. We do not take the emotional connection that people feel for her lightly. We have received hundreds of emails from people telling us how Gladys has touched them, or gave them a good belly laugh. Our Nana Gladys is not a hoax. She does not want to fool or hurt anyone, and she prefers to stay somewhat of a mystery. In her words, "Well if our phone calls to that funny Ellen girl make people happy, and we are in the paper above the war, then we should all count our lucky stars!"

Did you know Gladys has been in the paper?

Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q has allowed Nana Gladys to call their restaurants and we recorded real conversations with their unsuspecting employees. The 60 second radio spots are not only funny but show the great quality of employees they have.

We have enjoyed Rudy's wonderful food and "Sause" for years. We are proud to have our Nana be a part of this legendary Texas restaurant.

Did you know Paula Nelson has performed in a Gladys T?

When Ellen answered viewer mail about Gladys, she captured some of Gladys' best features!

If you missed it, some of the highlights were Nana's opinions about American Idol and how it relates to Bingo. One viewer asked that Gladys be the house announcer for the week, and they let her!

Since Gladys likes to be in the public ear and the public heart, but not in the public eye, Ellen made this drawing of Nana based upon her descriptions. Those two are hilarious together!

Watch Ellen draw Gladys

Copyright 2013. Gladys Hardy. All Rights Reserved.

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This super talented singer & song writer performs all over, but we are blessed to have her and the band here in Austin. You can see when and where she is performing next at www.paulanelsonband.com.

Did you know Gladys loves Rudy's?

We are also very grateful to have the opportunity to "pay it forward." All sales from our store directly help The Hardy-Hayes Refuge, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue and sanctuary. This rescue takes on the hard cases out of Bastrop County, TX, that were cruelty, feral, neglect or medical cases. All of which where facing grim situations in local shelters.

We foster, love, feed and provide vet care for these animals as long as they need to become physically and psychologically healthy. No matter what happens to these critters, they will always have a home with us and enjoy 8.5 acres of yappy trails!

Here's a fun video called "Joy to the World" about one of our special dogs and what we do at The Hardy-Hayes Refuge.

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